Monday, October 2, 2023
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Account Executive Job in Lahore

Account Executive Job is available in Lahore. The quickest, simplest, and most affordable way for a restaurant to earn money online is through Superorder. Superorder makes it simple to launch an online restaurant and manage an online delivery service for a restaurant. Our goal is to establish ourselves as the SMB restaurant managers’ go-to off-premise (delivery, takeaway, drive-thru) platform. 

Superorder will support SMB eateries’ IT needs as off-premise and online sales soar. Superorder has expanded to more than 600 restaurants around the nation processing more than 1 million orders in the 19 months since its start.

Account Executive Job Details

  • Job Location: Lahore
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Job Sector: Private
  • Organization: Superorder
  • Gender: Both Male and Female
  • Qualification/Experience: Bussiness or  Marketing Degree/ 1 Year of Experience in a relevant field
  • Job Timing: 9 am to 6 pm

Account Executive Job Requirements

  • English Proficiency
  • 1+ years of sales experience, especially in a high-volume outreach sales job, at a tech company
  • Being able to work 40 hours per week between EST (9 am to 6 pm).
  • Must have Excellent interaction and communication abilities.
  • The capacity to establish and sustain trusting connections with customers.
  • Substantial time- and project management abilities.
  • Being at ease working in a dynamic, fast-paced atmosphere.

Business Values

  • All In Or Nothing: Hard work is necessary for progress. Candidates put in their best effort and expend the required time and effort to achieve their objectives.
  • Be more resourceful by using less: Aim to maximize outputs using the available resources and maximize efficiency.
  • Think Big: Focus on the future and consider novel methods to provide our clients with greater service.
  • Saying no is more crucial than saying yes, according to laser focus. Concentrate all of your efforts on a single objective, and work towards achieving it.
  • Be Bold: Have self-assurance and be prepared to stand up for your choices.

Account Executive Job in Lahore

How You’ll Influence Things

  • Learn everything there is to know about our product, how it operates, and how to effectively communicate its advantages to restaurant owners.
  • To illustrate their value addition and clarify how Next can help restaurant owners flourish, Forward representatives call, make appointments, demo, and close transactions with eateries.
  • Take part in ongoing sales training with your peers and the leadership team.

How to Apply

  • Candidates who want to work as Account Executive can send their CV or Resume to SuperOrder.


What are the benefits of an Account Executive Job at Superorder? 

  • Candidate can make a mark on the company’s expansion history.
  • Supportive and cooperative workplace.
  • Possibility for professional development and progress.
  • $25,000 yearly salary plus a $500 welcome bonus

What does an Account Executive do?

Account executives are in charge of overseeing customer relationships, seeking out new business prospects, and carrying out successful sales tactics.

How does an account executive help a company grow?

Account executives are essential to developing new client relationships, maintaining existing ones, and carrying out sales plans that advance the development of the company as a whole.


Account executives play a vital and dynamic role in companies that want to excel at sales and build long-lasting client relationships. Understanding the duties, abilities, and growth potential of this profession will help you make sound choices that will promote success as you begin your journey as an account executive or choose to employ one for your business.

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