Academician Li Lanjuan: New pneumonia may be infected during incubation period

CCTV News: The prevention and control of the “new coronavirus pneumonia” epidemic is a matter of great concern to the public today. According to statistics reported by relevant departments, as of 18:00 on January 25: 1,372 cases of pneumonia confirmed by new coronavirus have been reported in 29 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities). First-level responses to major public health emergencies have been initiated across the country.

Is the new infectious period of new pneumonia infectious? Colds are high in winter, how to distinguish common cold from new pneumonia? Can the home-cure experience shared by doctors on the Internet be emulated … During the Spring Festival, reporter Qian Qian from the National Taiwan Bureau interviewed Li Lanjuan, a member of the National High-level Expert Panel and a well-known infectious disease expert.

The 73-year-old academician Li Lanjuan has made major innovations and technological breakthroughs in the prevention and control of infectious diseases such as SARS, influenza A, and H7N9 bird flu. For this new pneumonia outbreak, she went to Wuhan as a member of the high-level expert group of the National Health and Medical Commission to listen to the report on the prevention and control situation and check the scene.

Is new pneumonia transmitted only through the respiratory tract?

CCTV reporter Dong Qian: At this stage, do we know the way this virus spreads?

Li Lanjuan, member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, member of the high-level expert group of the National Health and Health Commission: Basically it is now clear that the spread of the respiratory tract is positive. In addition, whether it is transmitted through blood, feces, or contaminated materials needs further confirmation.

Is the incubation period contagious?

Dong Qian: You said that the longest incubation period of the virus is 14 days. Is it possible that these 14 days can also infect other people?

Li Lanjuan: I have been investigating and understanding this matter, but I still find that it is still possible, and it may be transmitted to other people during the incubation period. So within 14 days of contact (source), we need to conduct medical observation and relative isolation of him.

How to distinguish between common cold and new pneumonia?

“New Coronavirus Infected Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Plan (Trial Version 3)” shows that new pneumonia is mainly manifested by fever, fatigue, and dry cough. Nasal congestion and runny nose are rare. So how do people distinguish between common cold and new pneumonia during the high season of winter flu?

Dong Qian: What is the difference between the performance of a common cold and the unfortunate infection of a new coronavirus?

Li Lanjuan: The early symptoms are very similar, some fever, some dry cough, some respiratory symptoms, fatigue after fever, and even some digestive symptoms. So if we want to identify, the most important thing is to take a sample of the throat swab and do a virus test. Now the technology is very good. It is very clear that I can report whether you are A or B or new coronavirus.

Dong Qian: Where to do it?

Li Lanjuan: Every hospital should be able to detect the flu virus, and now the new coronavirus reagents should be available at the designated hospitals and can be detected.

Can mild patients be treated at home?

Recently, news that doctors infected with new pneumonia self-treated and cured at home has been frequently reported. Does this mean that patients with mild new pneumonia can be treated at home in isolation?

Dong Qian: Do you suggest that if you see early symptoms similar to colds, isolate yourself and treat yourself at home?

Li Lanjuan: Because a doctor recently reported that he was completely cured after self-intervention at home, I think he also has some truth. Because he is a doctor himself, he knows it, so he is not afraid. He knew that his condition would not worsen, so he would rest better at home, eat better, and recover better. However, in the absence of medical conditions, it is safer to be hospitalized, because the chest films are regularly reviewed to see if they have worsened. You are not a medical staff member and you do not understand your condition. If the inflammation of the lungs develops faster, you still need to be treated in the hospital.

Academician Li said in an interview that people with low immune function and the elderly are more susceptible to infection or become critically ill, and these people need to pay special attention to protection. During the Spring Festival, she advised the public not to attend large gatherings, go to areas with dense crowds, wash their hands frequently, wear masks, and maintain indoor ventilation.

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