A Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone in India suddenly caught fire

Samsung had previously caused too many cell phone fires and explosions due to battery problems with its own products. According to foreign media reports, a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge user in India recently caught fire even for no reason even without charging the phone.

The woman, Seema Agarwal, reportedly said that she did not want to use any more mobile phones due to the accidental fire.

Seema Agarwal, 52, said that her Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has never been repaired. The phone she bought on December 28, 2016, he found her phone suddenly at about 8 pm in late December 2019. It became very hot, so for safety reasons, she planned to put the device on the porch before going out, and never thought that her cell phone would catch fire immediately. Seema Agarwal stated that he has always insisted on using Samsung’s original charger and USB charging cable.

Seema Agarwal immediately called the police and contacted Samsung, but Samsung officials said: “According to the final investigation, the cause of the phone/battery fire was that the external fire/heat source damaged the phone/battery.” And Seema Agarwal’s family completely Not accepting this statement and intend to sue Samsung.

It is worth noting that Samsung’s previous fire explosions were mainly Galaxy Note7 series products rather than Galaxy S7 series. After related problems occurred, Samsung has “declared the death penalty” for the entire Galaxy Note7 series products.

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