A revolutionary contact lens for lighting and directing in the dark

The world’s first smart lens Mojo is enough to amaze you (Photo: Mojo Vision)

Las Vegas: Not a day goes by when you can see in the dark with a special contact lens, know the path ahead of the road, know where to look, but have all the information directly on your eyes. No glasses will be needed.

You will be able to read weather conditions, sports records, stock statements, official decrees, and international affairs and news in your own eyes on the go. If the lens is seen close to the eye, it can see small bright words that appear after wearing the lens. It also shows heart rate and physiological status.

Alternatively, if you are walking on an unmanned path, the lens will also be able to tell the path ahead and the obstacles.

Many companies are working together in this preparation, including Google, Amazon, Zeiss and Philips. Together these companies have designed a genuine contact lens of the 21st Century, with all kinds of accessories, but this lens is not yet available in the market because it has not yet received a certificate from the FDA.

This is not a pointless lens showing words but it senses all the objects, detects eye movements and can also help the weak visuals to see. That is why a Mojo lens is not the same as a smart lens or a smartwatch. Currently, a small battery is mounted inside the lens, but the next step will be to power it wirelessly

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