A Man who wanted to get his team players to suffer from the Corona virus, because the reason is very interesting

New York: The Formula 1 race has also been canceled due to the Corona virus and will no longer be available, at least before June. There has been a disturbing revelation about Red Bull Motorsport Advisor Helmet Marco saying that he wanted all of his team’s drivers to deliberately infect the Corona virus.

According to autosport.com, Helmet Marco wanted his team’s players to infect the Corona virus so that they could become antibodies in their body and the game could not be canceled due to the upcoming Corona virus.

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According to the report, Helmut Marco revealed himself during an interview and said that once a person becomes healthy with the corona virus, antibodies are produced in his blood which will be used next time the corona virus.

Protects the person when they are incarcerated. Such a person’s immune system gains full potential to control the corona virus. That was the reason I wanted my team’s drivers to be exposed to the Corona virus so that the Corona virus outbreak would not be threatened by the teammates in the upcoming competitions. The Corona Virus Spreads This Season Is Ideal for Corona Virus Outbreaks

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