A man in Quarantina fled on a lonely road, biting a woman and killing her

NEW DELHI :A suspected corona virus patient has been stabbed to death in India by a tooth. According to the Daily Star, the incident took place in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, where Mani Kundan, a 35-year-old man who returned from Sri Lanka, was asked by the police to remain locked in his house for 14 days so that if he had a corona virus, the symptoms would come out and he would be exposed to others. Not to affect

The man remained locked in his house for a week, and after a week, he tore his clothes and began to walk in the streets alone. Meanwhile, she noticed an elderly woman sleeping outside her home. He attacked the woman and began cutting her teeth. He cut her neck and cut her vein, causing the woman’s death. The crowd gathered after hearing the screaming of the woman and arrested the man and handed him over to the police after the violence. According to police, Mani Kundan was a mental patient and was undergoing treatment in 2010. Being locked up at home made his mental illness worse, on which he made the move.

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