A great step by step with Google’s tutorial videos

Well-known search engine Google is about to make a big move about sharing tutorials (short videos to teach people) on YouTube.

In this age of social media, people are often in need of Google and YouTube for different tasks, while nowadays tutorial videos are quite common that a lot of people like to watch and this is especially helpful for them. There are.Short videos on YouTube that teach users simple tips and tricks of the difficult task are called tutorial videos.

These videos consist of short videos about women’s makeup and hairstyles, from kitchens and other everyday things that consumers watch and follow.In this regard, Search Engine Google is taking a big step in introducing a separate app for users that will have only and only tutorial videos.

This app from Google is currently in the testing phase, which will be called ‘Tangi’, this app is designed specifically for users with tutorial videos which will contain all kinds of tutorials.The ‘Tangie’ app developed by Google will have a video duration of 60 seconds,

will have a variety of videos including entertainment, cooking, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and more.This app will be very helpful for people who spend their time by searching various tutorials on YouTube, this will save users time as they will not have to search for tutorials.

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