A few important things about a woman recovering from the Corona virus

LAHORE: At a time where the world is horrified by the Karuna virus, a woman who has recovered after suffering from the Karuna virus has shared the most encouraging words about the Karuna virus on her Facebook account.

According to the Times of India, the woman’s name is Elizabeth Schneider, she wrote in a post on her Facebook account that I was infected with the Coronavirus and now I am completely healthy. Based on my experience, I’m telling you that if you have an outbreak, don’t panic, stay home, relax and use the things I did and beat the outbreak.

Elizabeth wrote that I was constantly taking Sudafed during the illness, using the Afrin nasal spray. I sprayed three or three nails once a day for three days and then napped for the next three days. Along with this, I used a Neti pot with purified water. I think the outbreak spreads less to my lungs because of these measures. This is not medical advice. I am just sharing my experience with you. If you start practicing these things immediately after the virus is infected, I think you can avoid the seriousness of the coronavirus.

Note: You must consult your physician before treating any disease

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