7 people of Tablighi Jamaat killed by Corona virus

Islamabad : The outbreak of tuberculosis in India has killed seven people and 27 people have been diagnosed with the Corona virus.

A report published in the Indian newspaper India Today states that according to government data and media reports, a three-day meeting of the World Tablighi Jamaat was held in the Nazimuddin area of ​​New Delhi, including several countries around the world. Indians participated.

The report said that the final number of people joining the Tablighi party could not be confirmed, but the number of people attending it was up to 3400, most of whom were foreigners.

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A three-day preaching session was held in the center between March 15 and 18, followed by a meeting at the aforementioned meeting.

The report states that 10 Indonesians attending the Tablighi gathering confirmed the Corona virus in Telangana March 20, after which authorities handed over the Tablighi Jamaat participants, the report said. The Prime Minister of India March 22.

The government sealed the area of ​​Nazimuddin Tablighi center on March 25 and closed it in Quarantina, while all the people living there started testing. Corona was diagnosed in 27 people at the Tablighi center and 300 others.

More people were also shifted to the hospital after their condition deteriorated. After the spread of telecommunication centers spread to other states, from Haryana to Telangana, occupied Kashmir to Andaman Islands, Uttar Pradesh to Tamil Nadu, Corona virus has been confirmed in outbreaks in Madhya Pradesh to Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh as well.

 Seven people from Corona have also been killed in India after joining the party, of which one has been killed in the occupied Jammu and Kashmir city of Srinagar, the other five in Telangana and one in Kerala.

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