5G mobile phone market share will increase to 43% in 2022

Netease Technology News on January 23 , according to foreign media reports, although the first generation of 5G mobile phones has just begun to market, according to market research company Gartner ‘s forecast, their market share is expected to achieve substantial growth in just two years.

In 2019 smartphones that can connect to 5G networks are still a novelty device, but Gartner predicts that the popularity of 5G smartphones will increase significantly in the next few years . The company predicts that the proportion of 5G smartphones in the total mobile phone shipments will be 12% in 2020 and will rise sharply to 43% by 2022 .

Gartner explained that in the next few years, the expansion of 5G service coverage and the decline in 5G smartphone prices will bring about this change. Currently, most mobile phone brands only support high-end flagship versions (or will support it later this year) 5G networks, such as Samsung’s Galaxy Note10 series, Huawei Mate X and Mate 30 Pro , and OnePlus 7 Pro, etc. Prices are above $ 800 .

Gartner also predicts that by 2023 5G smartphones will account for 50% of mobile device shipments .

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