5 million followers on Instagram after Sajal Ali’s name change

5 million followers on Instagram after Sajal Ali's name change
Abu Dhabi: Pakistani celebrity actress Sajjal Ali changed her name after being tied up in a marriage bond, and immediately after that, her number of followers increased to 5 million on Instagram.

2 Earlier in the United Arab Emirates, actress Sajjal Ali was married to actress Raza Mir, after which she continues to be greeted by showbiz stars and fans.

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Ahad and Sajjal’s wedding ceremony held in the beautiful Zia Nurai island of Abu Dhabi. Photos are going viral on social media.

After the wedding, the actress changed ‘Sajal Ahad Mir’ as soon as she replaced Sisjal Ali on her Instagram account.

Apart from Sajal Ali, Pakistani actresses Mahira Khan, Ayman Khan, Mawra Hussain and Ayaz Khan have taken to Instagram with 5 million followers.

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