5 Best Alternatives of slidesgo

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Are you in search of best alternatives of Slidesgo platform?
Do you want to add more value to your presentations?
And want to make your presentation and work more attractive and creative?
If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place.
Hey, in this guidepost we are going to show you the 5 best alternative websites of Slidesgo.

Are you excited to know about these sites?

Let’s see top websites which you can use to improve your presentations and make them more engaging and attractive.

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What is Slidesgo?

Slidesgo is an extensive collection of Google Slides and PowerPoint themes.


It offers a wide range of templates and themes to give a charming look to your presentations and make them more attractive and engaging.
It provides various Templates for marketing, Advertisement, Education, Business, Technology, and much more.
Moreover, it is the most complete slides editor that targets not only the presentations but also the concept of slides.
The themes and templates provided by Slidesgo can be used for personal as well as commercial use.
You have multiple tutorials on Google Slides from where you can get presentation ideas to perform more creatively.

This will result in the production of appealing and eye-catching content and ultimately produce the best results.
As a student, instructor, or marketer, you can get the benefit from these creative visual designs for various purposes, including, Marketing, Advertisements, presenting intellectual concepts in easily accessible ways, simplifying complex procedures, and much more.

Drawbacks of Slidesgo

Aside from its advantages, it has many weak points.

Most of the users find it a very complex platform to navigate.

It also lacks artificial intelligence that most of the presentations software are presenting to their user

It doesn’t support 3D models in presentations.

Moreover, it has limited features for free plan users. So you have to buy its premium plan to enjoy its best features.

These limitations imposed by Slidesgo are enough reason to consider other alternatives providing outstanding features.

Excited to explore some of these alternatives? Stay with me.

1. Slides Carnival

The first alternative of Slidesgo in our list is Slides Carnival.

slides carnival

It offers an extensive collection of Google slides themes and PowerPoint templates.

All the features are free to use.

Anyone can use the highly customized templates to improve presentations.

All the templates are easy to use and are accessible for personal and commercial use.

These templates are easily editable and can be used to create professional presentations in a few minutes.

You can use any of the Google slides themes and PowerPoint templates to design your presentations.

Using this platform you will stand out from the crowd by being professional and presenting impressive and eye-catching designs.

Unlike Slidesgo which has templates for marketing purposes, Slides Carnival offers highly customizable themes that can be used for a wide range.

All the styles are professional and can ve used for start-ups presenting their ideas.

Get the benefits of this amazing platform as much as you can.

2. PSlides

The second one on our list is PSlides.


It is a professional PowerPoint template and Google slides stock.

PSlides aims to help you produce creative slides that can impress your audience and you can enjoy outstanding results.

It allows you to show stats and figures or present your ideas in a concise and accurate way.

Let’s say you are looking for PowerPoint templates that include timelines or plans, PSlides will offer you a wide range of such templates that include calenders, flowcharts, and cute charts.

PowerPoint charts allow you to show your team’s revenue, customers service, social media activities, and other metric goals.

You can also show the performance of your team and business partners.

You can choose from a variety of charts including line charts, bar charts, pie charts, and percentage charts so your team can easily decide where to improve in the future.

PSlides provide access to various PowerPoint maps with editable PowerPoint slides.

Also, this platform is much easier to use as compared to Slidesgo software.

When presenting with multiple numbers, you may rely on texts, charts, and PowerPoint templates.

You can easily combine numbers with visual cues making it easier to remember people.

3. islide

islide is a PowerPoint add-on that works for everything.


This is one of the best alternatives of Slidesgo which provides designs with PowerPoint presentation templates.

You can combine slides into images to meet your demands and can export them as an image in seconds.

Moreover, it allows you to simulate shapes or create circular patterns.

You can adjust various parameter variables to customize PowerPoint slides.

In addition, you can also collect hundreds of templates, each with its own color, font, style, layout, and effect.

Compared to Slidesgo, islide offers over 4000 well-designed thumbnails that match the color scheme and layouts of your current slides.

Well-chosen color schemes will decorate your slides.

In addition, you can customize attractive diagrams, customize data and view them in real-time.

This site offers a monthly plan of 9.99$ and a yearly subscription of 39.95$.

You can also get the benefits of its free edition.

4. Keynote

The third site on our list of Slidesgo alternatives is Keynote.


Keynote is another Slidesgo alternative with over 700 graphics and galleries.

Most Apple devices are equipped with Keynote which makes it easy to create impressive and memorizable presentations.

Unlike Slidesgo, Keynote has an apple pencil that allows you to create graphs or tables on your iPhone or iPad.

In addition, your team can also collaborate in real-time using an iPhone, Mac, or iPad.

Keynote works the same way on all Apple devices.

In other words, those slides you have created on Mac or iPad will display the same way on an iPhone and vice versa.

You can create presentations that look more attractive with the aid of 30 impressive themes.

Moreover, you can also create your own presentation designs, images, and page-by-page customizations.

It has over 30 dramatic effects and transitions that will help you add emotions to your presentations.

In addition, you can add textures, colors, gradients, and even images to your slides to stand out from the crowd.

In short, Keynote allows you to collaborate with your friends on the same project whether you are in the same or different cities around the world.

5. Padlet

The fifth site on our list of Slidesgo alternatives is Padlet.


Even you have never used productive software before, you can easily navigate throughout.

In Padlet, you can post in one click, drag and drop, copy and paste.

Changes are automatically saved whenever you create a design.

This software is available on all Apple and Android devices for use.

Additionally, you can take pictures and scan QR codes using this application.

Padlet can also be integrated with the applications.

Unlike Slidesgo, you can embed Padlet on your blog or website.

You can copy and paste memorable individuals’ URLs and export your data as a Pdf file, CSV file, Excel file, or image.

This software can show you the best work, provide more information to your colleagues and viewers.

You can also track and follow people who share your interest and you can become a part of their community.

It also allows you to create a unique profile with custom background and color.

You will find it very easy to use as it supports more than 42 languages and is much better than Slidesgo.

On this platform, you can hire your close friends and partners to collaborate on different models.

It also allows you to permit them to read, write-only, give access to the moderator, or administrator, with the option to cancel it at any time.

So it comes with many amazing features and is one of the best alternatives to Slidesgo.

6. SlideModel

It is another best Slidesgo alternative.


SlideModel provides customizable PowerPoint formating and presentation themes to help you articulate your ideas.

It comes with a simple userinterface and if you’re a beginner, SlideModel will be easier to use then Slidesgo.

This site includes the best PowerPoint sketches for presentation with various shapes and graphic designs.

You can download the PowerPoint templates in the form of various diagrams such as stages diagram, 3D box diagram, tree diagram, cycle-process diagram, flow diagram etc.

You can also use the map sketches library in your presentations.

In addition, you can download its customizable templates in the editable state that can help you create unique designs.

You can leave a lasting impression on your clients by using creative presentations.

PPT presentations are the most affective way to convey your ideas and stand out from the crowd.

You can get PowerPoint templates in image based shapes.

To make your presentation interesting, you can download the latest timeline template and PowerPoint charts and diagrams.

Use ready made timeline slides to create pretty templates for you project planning.

Consider including PowerPoint chart template to include facts and figures in your presentation.

SlideModel data template can help you present your data analysis in the easiest way possible.


From the above detailed guide, now you know the best simple yet amazing Slidesgo alternatives.

You can search presentation templates that suit your ideas and field.

All the templates and themes are categorized according to industry, color, and demand.

You can also search templates quickly by color like yellow, pink, black, by industry like medical, education, technology, marketing etc.

In addition, you have also the option to download these templates in you Google slide or PowerPoint.

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