3D mask cracked face recognition? Alipay WeChat: if you steal, you can apply for compensation

the US artificial intelligence company Kneron successfully used high-quality 3D masks to fool face recognition systems around the world. In Asia, the Kneron team used idiosyncratic 3D masks in stores where face recognition technology is widely used, tricking AliPay and WeChat payment systems to make purchases.

According to the news reports, the Alipay team responded. Previously, they tried to contact this company for detailed information, but the other party removed the news and videos without providing more information.

WeChat claims that it has adopted a number of technologies to effectively defend against attacks such as video, paper, and masks.

Both Alipay and WeChat have stated that if a face-to-face payment causes a stolen brush, they can apply for full compensation.

Some experts said that face recognition based on living recognition with current technology does have a certain probability of being cracked by a mask. A mask with very good accuracy and full details can be difficult for the machine. Experts said that publicizing their high-definition photos on the Internet is indeed possible to be 3D modeled to make high-precision masks. The best way is to protect personal biological information.

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