360 plans to raise 10.8 billion: invest in 9 projects including big data centers and AI

360 companies continue to increase investment in network security research and development. 360 company intends to issue no more than 1.35 billion shares non-publicly and raise funds of 10.79 billion yuan for security R & D and infrastructure, commercial products and services. 9 items.

Among them, security research and development and infrastructure are its main investment directions. Of the funds raised, 4.67 billion yuan was used for the construction of 360 large data centers, 1.16 billion yuan was used for 360 new-generation artificial intelligence innovation research and development centers, and 510 million yuan was used for 360 cyberspace research and development center projects.

Among the commercialized products and services, there are 360 ​​smart search and commercialization projects, which are planned to invest 1.17 billion yuan; 360 interactive entertainment platform projects, which are intended to raise 590 million yuan; 360 traffic anti-fraud platform projects, which are intended to raise funds 880 million yuan; 360 smart children’s ecosystem project, it is planned to invest 820 million yuan; 360 smart IoT projects, it is planned to invest 450 million yuan; 360 new smart city projects, it is planned to invest 550 million yuan.

Regarding this private placement, 360 Company stated in the announcement that through the non-public offering of funds, Sanliu will further increase its investment in independent research and development of core cyber security technologies, and vigorously develop artificial intelligence, big data and cyberspace. The level of security technology research and development will improve the company’s technical and innovation capabilities in the areas of information infrastructure network security protection, network security information coordination mechanism, means, and platform construction, network security incident emergency command capability building, and network security industry. In the increasingly severe global cyber war, it is an inevitable practice for companies to increase investment in cyber security under the guidance of national strategies.

The 360 ​​cyberspace security R & D center project, 360 next-generation artificial intelligence innovation R & D center project, 360 big data center construction project, etc. to be constructed by 360 company through the funds raised from this non-public offering will be further expanded. The company’s resource reserves and technical advantages in network security, artificial intelligence and big data promote the full development of a full-time, all-round active security defense system to help the company maintain and further enhance the competitiveness of its core security technologies in the era of “big security”. Consolidate the company’s leading position as an Internet security company.

As for the capital investment of commercialized products such as 360 intelligent search, 360 said that the smooth implementation of commercialized products and service projects will help improve the company’s commercialization level. In Internet advertising and services, Internet value-added services, and intelligent hardware In areas such as business, we will make further efforts to expand our business layout, improve our core technology level and user experience, consolidate our market position, enhance our competitiveness, and enhance our long-term profitability.

“In order to achieve the company’s” big security “strategic ecological construction, in this non-public offering of raised capital construction projects, security technology R & D and infrastructure projects provide technical and underlying support for other projects; commercial products and services are conducive to The company enhances its profitability, expands its industrial layout, and plays a role in commercializing other types of projects. “The announcement said.

According to the announcement, the proposed increase was made in the form of cash subscriptions, and the issue targets were securities investment fund management companies, securities companies, trust and investment companies, finance companies, insurance institutional investors, qualified foreign institutional investors, and Other legal persons, natural persons or other institutional investors who comply with the laws and regulations shall not exceed 10 specific investors in total.

According to the announcement, the plan for the non-public issuance of A shares has been reviewed and approved by the fourth meeting of the fifth board of directors of the company on May 14, 2018 and the second extraordinary shareholders’ meeting of 2018 held on May 31, 2018. Subject to approval by the China Securities Regulatory Commission. “After the completion of this issuance, Zhou Hongyi will control 53.09% of the company’s total shares and remain the actual controller of the company. This issuance will not cause the company’s control to change.”

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