3 people from Kerala hit by Corona virus, 811 dead in China so far

According to China’s Health Ministry, 9,452 people are under community surveillance in 32 states and union territories. States are strengthening quick response teams to deal with any situation.

  • 1510 samples have been tested
  • 1,507 samples have been found to be negative

More than one lakh people have been screened at various airports in the country as a precautionary measure due to the possibility of Coronavirus infection.

The Health Ministry said on Sunday, ‘Till Sunday, 197,192 passengers were screened in 1,818 flights at 21 airports. Apart from China and Hong Kong, all passengers from Singapore and Thailand are being screened continuously on Aero-Bridges. Must Read: National Health Commission announces new crown pneumonia English abbreviation NCP

This screening is also being done at seaports and border posts. According to the ministry, in 32 states and union territories, 9,452 people are under community surveillance. 

States are strengthening quick response teams to deal with any situation. A total of 1510 samples have been tested so far, of which 1,507 have been found negative. 3 people of Kerala who have been tested positive, are undergoing treatment.

2656 new cases of coronavirus confirmed

The Chinese National Health Commission said that as of 8 February 2656 confirmed cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia (2147 in Hupei) were detected according to reports received from 31 provinces (autonomous regions, union territories) of China and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps.

The number of new serious cases is 87 (52 in Hupei). The number of newly deceased patients is 89 (81 in Hupei, 2 in Hyunan, 1 in Hubei, Heluchiyang, Anhui, Shantu, Hunan, and Kwangshi respectively). The number of new suspected cases is 3916 (2067 in Hupei). Must Read Complete genome analysis of cancer completed, humans have a new understanding of cancer

600 patients leave the hospital after recovering

The administration said that on February 8, 600 patients left the hospital after recovering. According to the report received from China’s 31 provinces (autonomous territories, union territories) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps on February 8, there are a total of 33738 confirmed cases (6188 of them being serious cases). A total of 2649 patients recovered from the hospital. The total number of death cases is 811. The total number of confirmed cases is 37198. 

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