200 Chinese Workers Working on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (C-Pack) have Arrived in Pakistan.

Islamabad: 200 Chinese workers working on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (C-Pack) have arrived in Pakistan.

Airport sources said all Chinese residents have arrived in Islamabad via flight CZ6007 with

Special teams comprising Pakistani and Chinese doctors have also arrived.

According to sources, Chinese residents will be allowed to go after a full screening and inspection.

It is thought that 10 to 15 thousand Chinese people work on SeaPack projects in Pakistan. A large number of Chinese people went back to celebrate the nine years, after which the air operation was suspended due to the Corona virus.

According to SECP data, more than a thousand Chinese companies are registered in Pakistan with Chinese affiliated businesses working on various projects.

Due to the Corona virus, work on a number of C-Pack projects was halted in Pakistan and the movement of Chinese people was also restricted.

The arrival of Pakistan, along with Chinese people working on the C-pack, was also banned due to the outbreak of the Corona virus in China.

Corona virus status has improved slightly in China and the number of casualties is also decreasing.

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