2 New Corona virus cases, ban on public gatherings in Karachi and closure of educational institutions

Not everyone needs to wear a mask to avoid the corona virus, the Ministry of Health
KARACHI: After the rise of the Corona virus cases, the health department recommended the ban on public gatherings in Karachi and the educational institution be closed for long periods.

Today, two more Corona cases were found in Sindh province and one case was reported in Quetta. After that, the number of Corona affected people has increased to 19 in Pakistan while two people in Karachi are recovering.

The Sindh Health Department, headed by the Provincial Minister of Health, attended the meeting of the Pakistan Cricket Board. The situation was considered after the increase in the number of Corona virus cases and some important decisions were taken.

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The Health Department has decided to set up a health desk at the airport, which will screen all travelers arriving in Karachi.

In addition, it has also been decided to build frontline desks in all the private and public hospitals.

It was decided in the meeting that advisory on non-public gatherings in the city would be issued while PSL-style public gatherings were also proposed to be banned.

The spokesman said that the CM would recommend that all education.The spokesman said that the CM would recommend that all educational institutions be closed for a long period.

The spokesman said that patients suffering from corona virus would be provided medical care at Gadap Hospital.

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