2 Corona Virus Cases Reported in Pakistan

Two cases of Corona virus have been reported in Pakistan and Dr Zafar Mirza, Assistant Special Health Minister, has also confirmed both cases.

The first case of the Corona virus has surfaced in Karachi and a 22-year-old Yahya Jaffrey virus has been confirmed, while no further information is currently available on another patient.

Special Assistant to Health Minister Dr. Zafar Mirza confirmed to two corona virus cases in Pakistan, saying that both patients were being treated in hospital and both of them were out of danger.

According to the Assistant Special, there is nothing to worry about. On the other hand, spokesman Health Sindh confirmed that Yahya Jaffrey and his family have been transferred to a specific ward.

According to the spokesman, a young man named Yahya Jafri arrived in Karachi from Iran a few days ago by plane. Under the security arrangements, the victim’s family is also being monitored and they have been shifted to a specific ward.

According to the spokesman, data from other people traveling with the affected person are also being obtained. According to authorities, the victim suffered fever and fever from February 18 and today the patient was admitted to a private hospital on Stadium Road on February 26.

Spokesman Sindh Government Murtaza Wahab said the victim was immediately shifted to the isolation ward, while others were looking for the ship.

The victim was not scanned at the airport, Murtaza Wahab Murtaza Wahab says Yahya Jaffrey was not scanned at the airport; the airport is under the control of the federal government and not the provincial government.

Sindh government spokesman says that Sindh government is taking all measures to prevent corona virus, there are kits related to corona virus which have been provided in hospital, preventing flights from Iran will also be necessary.

19 people have been killed by the Corona virus in Iran The death toll from the deadly corona virus has reached 19 in neighboring Iran.

Iranian Health Ministry officials have confirmed 19 deaths in the country from the Corona virus so far. According to officials, the number of Corona virus infected in Iran has reached 139.

The immigration gate at the Pak-Iran border Tufan is closed for the fourth day in view of the threat of the Corona virus. The movement of citizens and vehicles is suspended while the Quetta Taftan railway service has been suspended.

At Quarantine Center in Taftan, 270 people, including visitors, will be flown to the destination after completing a 14-day period. Spokesman Balochistan government says more than 5,000 Pakistanis in Iran will be set up to return home.

In addition, thermal scanning of passengers, special team of para-medical staff has been set up and isolation wards have been set up at Pak Afghan border in Chaman, Torkham and North Waziristan.

It is thought that the Corona virus first began to spread from China to Wuhan, which has reached more than 30 countries worldwide. According to China’s National Health Commission, the Corona virus has seen a steady decline and the total death toll has risen to 7,715 after the deaths of 76 people in the last 24 hours.

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