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18 Best Korean Drama Websites to Watch For Free

Korean drama series are incredibly well-liked all around the world, and millions of people like watching them. This post may be of use to you if you’re one of the many millions of Korean drama fans looking for the Best KDrama Sites to Watch Korean Drama Online Free With English Subtitles. We are going to discuss 18 Best Korean Drama Websites where you can watch Best K Drama 2023 for free. 

These Korean drama websites offer the most recent, highly regarded Asian and Korean dramas in a variety of categories, including drama, comedy, fantasy, family, horror, and romance. Thankfully, a few of these websites provide subtitles or SRT in different languages, such as English, Spanish, and others. 18 Best Korean Drama Websites are here.

These K drama online Websites and K drama online apps have passed our tests; they are fully safe, have few advertisements, offer high-quality streaming, and have reliable download speeds.

The website for Korean dramas is accessible for free as well as through premium memberships. 

18 Best Korean Drama Websites List

Lets discuss the 18 Best Korean Drama Websites where you can watch K drama for free.

Viki by Rakuten, where you can watch Kdrama online, ranks top on the list.

18 Best Korean Drama Websites to Watch For Free

It is a popular website where you can watch Korean dramas online and is available in most countries and regions. Enjoy flicks like Train to Busan, I Live Alone, and more.

It’s possible that your closest buddy and family don’t reside in the same town or home. Never let that stop you and your friends from watching your preferred K Drama utilizing the Watch Party feature.

The service provides volunteer-produced subtitles that allow users to watch Korean dramas in a variety of languages, which is the best part. Kdrama is accessible via their official applications on both smart TVs and smartphones.


Kocowa is the best K drama online site free for people in North and South America. Use the account you registered or the Facebook and Google social network logins for logging in.

18 Best Korean Drama Websites to Watch For Free

You can watch more than 17,000 hours of new and vintage K-Drama and K-variety entertainment from the Asian region on this K drama online sites for free

For every show, English, Spanish, and Portuguese subtitles are available. There may potentially be extra dramas available, depending on demand. Six hours after they air, all Korean shows are instantly accessible on the website.


Dramago is another popular website where users may download free Korean drama 2023. Users can search for the best and most well-liked drama series, which ultimately saves viewers a tonne of time. 

Additionally, Kdramas can be downloaded by using the button on the stream player. Additionally, 5-7 servers are available for viewers to watch Korean drama 2023. 

Not to mention, the website features recent Drama releases on its homepage and offers a huge range of listed serials.


Another well-known yet enduring website, KissAsian, has a huge selection of Korean drama series organized by category. When we say this, we are referring to action-, emotion-, and love-related categories. TV shows like Kingdom, Love Alarm, Running Alone, and more may be found here.


The simplicity and clarity of this website for free Asian dramas are its strongest features. The arrangement also appears to be well-planned, with a few ad blocks placed in different locations. Viewers can simply download or stream Dramas from the listing page. You need to be signed up and logged in in order to download the video.

Even films may be found on KissAsian, and as the website curates content from independent third parties, using it is entirely legal.


Dailymotion is known as the best K drama online Websites. Users are free to upload any sort of video, including dramas, to the website Dailymotion. Even if not all of them might be, it is possible to see the most recent and well-liked dramas.

18 Best Korean Drama Websites to Watch For Free

The best thing is that pop advertising has been replaced with only banners and removable ads. You can download videos to your smartphone as well. To discover a Dailymotion downloader, simply enter the video URL into a search engine.

You can watch dramas without visiting the website by using the Android and iOS apps, which you can download to your smartphone.

Amazon Prime Video

Korean dramas with English subtitles are available for free download and watching on the popular video streaming service Amazon Prime Video.

Comparatively speaking to the other sites on the list, Prime Video has a quite limited variety of Korean material. Along with Korean dramas, Prime Video also offers Korean anime and Korean films.

As soon as the epidemic began, Amazon began the watch party. You have the option of using an OTT device and a PRIME subscriber’s device to watch your chosen content.

Amazon Prime Video

Fortunately, the website doesn’t contain any advertising. You may even use the Prime Video app on your smartphone. In addition, when you are away from home, save episodes to watch offline to save mobile data.


Dramacool is an exceptionally popular and praised website where you can watch and download free Korean dramas. This website offers high-definition (HD) level serials. Their streaming player and servers are similar to that on Dramago.

It is easy to choose between dramas and serials because of the architecture. In addition, with a single click of a button, we can download Korean television shows. A great deal of Korean films and television shows have permanent, built-in English subtitles.

18 Best Korean Drama Websites to Watch For Free


This website mostly functions as a downloading platform with one streaming server. You can download the episodes from OnlyKdrama in a variety of quality options (540p, 720p, and 1080p).

The plays with English and Hindi subtitles that are available on this website are its biggest feature. No other website offers dramas in dub. Therefore, you are able to download their translated version if you don’t want to view them in Korean.

In addition to Korean dramas, free downloads include Korean films and OSTs. You can download certain English-dubbed movies from this website.

OneTouch TV

This website lets you simply stream the latest dramas and has the same interface as an app. The finest feature of this website is how simple it is to use on a mobile device and how easy it is to navigate.

The website doesn’t have any adverts, however, some are displayed before each episode is streamed. This website is perfect for you if you wish to avoid pop-up advertising.

There are additional films accessible in addition to Korean dramas. On OneTouch TV, you may watch free streaming of Chinese and Thai dramas. The newest dramas are available for free viewing.


Bilibili is a website where anime videos can be shared. Despite the fact that this website focuses largely on anime, you may watch certain Korean dramas there for free.


The absence of advertisements on Bilibili is a wonderful feature that enables you to watch dramas with English subtitles without being interrupted or irritated by them.

New Asian TV

New Asian TV, whose name says it all, is regarded as the center for all Asian dramas, including Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. You may simply find a huge selection of well-known Korean dramas for download on this website.

We should add New Asian TV of the best places to watch free drama online. It provides a simple layout that ultimately makes searching and scrolling easier for the user.

To hide everything but the stream player, use the lights-off feature. This is useful for seeing the information in a non-fullscreen mode. The website is not accessible from all countries, which is the only problem we found.


Today, it’s simple to find several Korean dramas on YouTube. Many YouTube channels have whole episodes of Korean dramas that they have posted.

K-DRAMA is one of the most popular YouTube channels for free Korean show uploads. Playlists for the episodes are expertly put up. Additionally, it is much easier to find English, Turkish, and Arabic Kdrama subtitles on YouTube. Kdramas can also be downloaded from YouTube and watched offline.


Although WeTV is a fresh KDrama website, its content library is growing quickly. Along with streaming Korean dramas, this service also offers access to other Asian films and television shows. WeTV is owned and operated by Tencent, the company that made the well-known smartphone game PUBG.


Additionally, they provide WeTV original K-dramas made by the network. Additionally, WeTV offers native apps for iOS and Android, which can be downloaded from the respective app stores.


One of the top Kdrama websites, KShow123 offers the newest episodes and films, and its collection is constantly updated. Watch popular Kdramas online, such as Love in the Moonlight, The World of The Married, and Sky Castle.

You can even hide the ad block when watching a TV behind the stream player. The video has encoded English subtitles. The subtitle button is present, but for some reason, it doesn’t seem to function. You can watch the programs in Theatre Mode without going full-screen.


The excellent website Tubi is a great place to watch free KDrama. You don’t have to register to use Tubi, and when you watch one show, it will recommend related ones.


It’s amazing how many Kdramas there are on Tubi. Users with faster internet access see almost no buffering. For a lot of Korean television programs, other language subtitles can be chosen from the player options. Through the video quality setting, you may watch Kdrama in resolutions all the way up to full HD.


Viu is among the safest websites to watch K-Dramas online. To view the content on VIU, no account registration is required.

In 16 countries, mainly in Asia and the Middle East, they offer service. Numerous popular series, such as True Beauty and The Lady of Dignity, are among the dozens of programs available on Viu. The great majority of the content on VIU is HD. The content library at VIU is regularly updated.

Asiancrush is a great resource for free Korean drama downloads. They offer a sizable collection of shows and flicks free of charge. 

Asian Crush

Following that, you can subscribe to gain access to the entire K-variety library’s collection. You can find Chinese dramas like Descendants of the Sun and Youth with You Season 2 here.

It can be challenging to decide which show to watch. Asiancrush has the solution thanks to its random button. A random K-Drama will start streaming when you click it. There are no websites offering free streaming in underdeveloped nations. Millions of people like AsianCrush just as much as Netflix and Hulu.


Next on our list is Viewasian, which offers a variety of Korean shows. This amazing website features the top Korean dramas.

View Asian

The website’s design supports the conventional viewpoint. Additionally, it gets a tonne of visitors each month. In some countries, it’s also one of the most dependable sources of Korean drama. Additionally, while streaming the program, many video qualities are accessible. They also offer their own app, which eventually informs consumers of newly uploaded serials.


Where Can I Get Free English Subtitles For Korean Dramas 2023?

The best websites for downloading free Korean dramas with English subtitles in 2023 are Dailymotion, Quickdrama, MyAsainTV, and DramaCool.

Which K drama online app is ad-free?

With no advertisements, VIKI Plus is secure. But in order to enjoy a Plus membership, you must purchase a premium plan.

Which K drama online Websites offer K Dramas for free?

The top websites include Viki, YouTube, KissAsian, Dramacool, Dramahood, DramaDay, ViewAsian, and Viki. On these websites, all the dramas are available for free viewing.


These  18 Best Korean Drama Websites and platforms allow you to watch or download K Drama 2023  without charge. You may see them on TV without spending money on a Netflix subscription or flying to South Korea.


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