150 million euros! France issues huge fine on Google, Google wants to appeal

The French Office of Competition Supervision announced on the 20th that, because of the “abuse of the dominant position in the Internet advertising market” by the US Google, the agency decided to fine Google 150 million euros (about 1.164 billion yuan) and demanded that Google rectify.

The French Competition Agency considers that the operating rules and methods imposed by Google on its advertising platform customers are “opaque and obscure”, and that Google also has the right to modify the rules and determine whether advertisers comply with the rules. Google’s “rules of inequality and arbitrariness” in enforcing the rules have resulted in damage to the rights of advertisers and search engine users. The General Administration of Inspections instructed Google to clarify the operating rules of its advertising platform and the process of suspending advertiser accounts.

According to the French newspaper Le Figaro, Google has announced that it will appeal the decision of the Inspector General.

In January this year, the French National Committee for Information and Freedom imposed a fine of 50 million euros on Google for “violating data privacy protection regulations”

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