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10 Best Telegram Proxies for Pakistan 2023

10 Best Telegram Proxies. In that scenario, you might have run across circumstances where you are unable to access the site because of online limitations or internet filtering in nations like Iran, Iraq, and Russia. Telegram is a key communication tool for many people, therefore this can be a major disturbance for both personal and business use. Don’t worry there is a Telegram Proxy list we are going to provide you. 

Telegram proxies, fortunately, offer a solution to this issue. In order to use Telegram, you might use a service like Telegram Proxy free that routes your internet connection via a separate server.

You’ll be able to get around any limitations stopping you from using Telegram by using Telegram Proxy online. Nevertheless, not all proxies are created equal, so picking a dependable and trustworthy service is crucial.

10 Best Telegram Proxies for Pakistan 2023 that are currently on the market will be covered in this post. These proxies have been chosen with care due to their fast connections, cutting-edge security measures, and general dependability.

10 Best Telegram Proxies List 2023

Always use reliable proxy services that provide end-to-end encryption and provide the benefit of 24/7 assistance in case you experience any issues. 10 Best Telegram Proxies list is given below, you can choose the one that meets your needs and preferences.


Residential proxy supplier Oxylabs provides all the advantages of premium services for proxies with no drawbacks. It provides 100+ million IPs from more than 140 different nations. 


Your real IP address is concealed by the high level of encryption used by Oxylabs proxies, which are anonymous. One can easily conceal their location and surf without restriction if one wants to access the Internet anonymously.  Huge bandwidth is available to you, and you can choose from a nearly infinite number of IP addresses.

Bright Data 

This service is a very well-liked and self-assured Telegram proxy online, and it actually thinks it’s the best web data platform on the entire planet. They claim to be able to assist their clients with obtaining necessary public web data, particularly if they are businesses looking to optimize their Telegram profiles in regard to this.

One of the things we appreciate most about this Bright Data proxy service is that they will work with you on a demo so you can see how they operate without having to commit right away. They are largely focused on data collecting, as you can see from their website, so if this is what you want to use Telegram for, these individuals will be a fantastic choice.

They have 700,000 data center proxies available, and they have more than 72 million IP addresses that are used for their home proxies. They’ve got more than 7 million IP addresses that are suitable for mobile if you want to optimize your Telegram profile through mobile.


ProxyEmpire is the only proxy service provider on the market that offers granular control, doesn’t have a minimum payment obligation, and has a sizable pool of free residential and mobile IP addresses. This proxy server is easily available for small advertisers as it is cheapest and affordable. 

ProxyEmpire has a wide range of functions available. It has 7 million home proxy servers overall spread across more than 100 nations. Over 200 thousand 4G mobile proxies are offered.


The cost of this service is quite transparent and easy to understand. No monthly obligations exist; you simply pay for what you use. It is certainly one of the inexpensive proxy service companies that provides cheap mobile proxies. 

However, even though it is relatively reasonable, the price per GB for residential plans is around average. Talking of mobile proxies, the situation is unique. There are 200,000 of them in the United States, distributed among all states, and they are provided by companies including T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon. 

Utilising ProxyEmpire is quite simple. Their dashboard looks sleek and modern, and everything is presented here simply. You can purchase more packages and bandwidth directly from the website.

Proxy Seller

If you’re freshly introduced to the world of Telegram and wish to be able to maintain everything secret and undetectable while you’re making the most of the app, this Telegram proxy service is going to be one of the most effective options. These individuals are a fantastic choice in particular because they provide their consumers with private HTTPS proxies. 

You may choose the length of time you want to rent the proxy servers for, where in the world you want them to originate from, and how many you need to use right away by viewing a lot of the specifications for their Telegram proxies.

Proxy Seller


In addition to many other nations, BeeProxy offers private home and data center proxies in the USA, UK, and Canada. To meet your demands, they provide a variety of affordable proxy packages. 

Since the specialized proxy servers are all private and dedicated, you won’t be suspended as a result of the behavior of other users. By placing markers on a virtual map that is visible to all users, users can mark their proxy servers on the website to view their whereabouts. ”


All subscriptions come with an unlimited bandwidth allowance. BeeProxy offers 24/7 customer support in addition to all the features, so they can address any issues you may have with the service.


A premium proxy service with a limited IP pool is Stormproxies. They are the least expensive on the market even though they have slightly over 70000 IP addresses. They provide data center proxies as well as home proxies. Most of the 70000 IP addresses are found in Europe and the United States. 

They don’t specify the precise locations of their proxies. Their proxy prices are determined by the proxy port. There are numerous manufactured plans available, ranging from 5 to 50 ports. The Storm Proxies dashboard is quite simple to use. This is mostly due to the fact that it has limited functionality. You may receive a list of addresses and some simple geo-targeting from this service.

The Stormproxies provides high-speed proxies that provide lag-free browsing and content access. Additionally, Stormproxies offers specialized proxies that meet particular needs. With this service provider, you may obtain quick customer care and have all of your questions resolved quickly.  



Do you wish to produce an unlimited number of proxy addresses and ports? The Hydraproxy service is the one for you in that case. You can manage your many Telegram accounts using the service’s support for a proxy list generator, which will produce an infinite number of proxies for you so you can avoid being identified and blacklisted.

Additionally, there is no limit on the variety of ports you can create and use, but there is a cap on the quantity of bandwidth you can use, and this is what determines the price.

Thankfully, the service is reasonably priced, making it a suitable choice for small marketers. The proxies offer sticky connections for session management and are rotating proxies. The business currently has more than 5 million IPs in its pool originating from more than 100 places around the world.

Social Proxy

Another excellent option  from 10 Best Telegram Proxies that will keep you safe online is the Social Proxy. Naturally, you’ll probably browse Telegram on your phone, so it’s a good idea to work using a provider whose proxies have been mobile-optimized. 

10 Best Telegram Proxies

They claim to offer their clients private, high-quality 4G mobile proxies, and they even offer a free trial so you may evaluate their features and suitability for your needs without having to commit to anything. 

They claim to provide a wealth of options for you to take advantage of, as well as infinite connections, so you won’t ever have to be concerned about your proxy malfunctioning.


Another Russian proxy service provider, SOAX, provides 8.5 million addresses across more than 120 nations. Residential and mobile proxies are both offered on the website. The proxy service offers flexible packages, so you may choose the features and alter them to meet your needs. 

There are no challenging settings to understand. It is the most adaptable proxy service currently accessible because you may choose a location and proxy type, as well as which provider you wish to utilize.

Additionally, its user interface is rather straightforward. All the data you require is provided to you. You must set up the proxy in the scraper, computer, or other intended location before using it. 

10 Best Telegram Proxies for Pakistan 2023

However the service provider isn’t recognized for having the most competitive prices, they are also not excessive. You can use the SOAX proxy for Telegram with total confidence if you purchase it because none of its servers will go down. 

Telegram Proxy Setting

Because Telegram offers a function that lets you add a proxy, unlike other platforms, setting up a proxy on Telegram is simple.

You can choose and configure different proxies supported by Telegram, including SOCKS5 and Telegram Proxymtproto, on any device.

Telegram Proxy Setting for Android 

Android users can now set up a proxy on Telegram from the user settings within the Telegram app. Following are the steps to set up a proxy on Android:

  • Open the Telegram app on your Android phone and click the three icons. 
  • Scroll to “Data and Storage” by selecting the “Settings” option, then press it.
  • From the “Proxy” section at the bottom of the screen, choose “Proxy Settings”.
  • Select “Add Proxy” from the menu.
  • By default, SOCKS5 will be chosen when a new tab opens. If you want to use MTProto, you can switch to it.
  • Fill in the highlighted field with the necessary information, such as your server.
  • Enter the login information for MTProto or SOCKS5.
  • When finished, click the tick button at the top of the page.

By following the instructions above, you may set up SOCKS5 or MTProto proxy on Telegram and chat with your friends without worrying about your safety.

Set Telegram Proxy on IOS

With a few exceptions, the steps for setting up a proxy on an Android phone are the same as those for Telegram Proxy for iPhone

 device. Follow steps 1 through 8 and continue as directed here if you want to utilize a proxy on an iOS device.

  • Select “Done” from the menu.
  • Turn on the “Use Proxy” button to enable the proxy.

Telegram Proxy Setting on Computer

Users of Telegram who access the app on a desktop can also configure a proxy, as described in this section.

  • On your computer, launch Telegram.
  • On the left, click the three-line icon.
  • Select “Advanced options” under “Settings” after clicking.
  • The “Custom Proxy/Add Proxy” option can be selected by clicking the “Connection Type” button.
  • Select the proxy you want to configure. There are three alternatives available for you to select from.
  • To access the proxy you chose, provide the necessary information, including the port number, server, and credentials.
  • Once finished, press the “Save” button.


Can I use a Telegram Proxy on all devices?

Yes, you may use Telegram proxies on a variety of gadgets, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones. You can set up a proxy using the offered options as long as the Telegram app is installed on your device.

Can I use several Telegram proxies at the same time? 

No, Telegram only permits the use of one proxy at a time right now. In the Proxy Settings of the Telegram client, you may set up and switch between various proxies.


These proxies provide a safe and unrestricted way to access Telegram, regardless of whether you’re an individual user or a corporation.

You can alter your virtual location and view content from other nations by connecting to servers all around the world. 

Additionally, Telegram proxies are crucial for users who reside in nations where the app is restricted since they enable them to utilize the program even when it is forbidden in their nation. Overall, for safe and unrestricted access to Telegram, the 10 Best Telegram Proxies are a great option.

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